The Medieval period saw a number of religious wars which were launched, promoted and supported by the Latin Church. These series of campaigns that took place in the Eastern Mediterranean region from 1096 to 1271 are called Crusades. Although the number of crusades is often disputed by historians, our team has focused on representing the earliest ones, those that occurred simultaneously with the conception of romanticism and the knightly arts resulting in an epic juxtaposition with the brutalism of war in foreign lands.

Reproduction of two columns from the Romanesque - Byzantine period with varying themes (fauna and flora)

Traditionally, the representation of legends or humanoid figures in the capitals of the Romanesque era was very common, this technique was a direct and visual way of telling legends or transmitting messages to the people who attended the temples.

In this 3D model, you can also see a Corinthian style capital corresponding to the previous Roman era. During that time it was very common to dismantle old buildings and use their elements in their new works.

The shafts of the columns are made of porphyry and travertine, two materials that for centuries were used by different cultures for their visual richness and their great hardness.


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